Honoring the Hodge Family

I had the wonderful privilege of capturing this amazing and beautiful family’s portrait recently and I couldn’t wait to share them with everyone. Amy and I were able to go together to scout out some locations and discuss what would best portray who they are as a family. We had such fun talking about nutrition, our faith, our children, and homeschooling. I’d say after a lot of looking around, we finally found the perfect location. Amy is a fabulous mommy and I’m confident she knows more about nutrition than any doctor I know. Ashley has been our financial advisor (and friend) for years and has helped us be wise with our money in how we spend it and invest it. If you are in need of one, we can personally vouch for how he can help you be a good steward of your money, time, and resources. You can learn more about his company at http://www.stewardshipmandate.com. Their children are precocious, energetic, and absolutely adorable.

Thanks Hodge family for letting me capture you! I know your grandchildren and great grandchildren will enjoy these portraits as much as you.

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Meet the Herd Family

I wanted to share these images of one of my favorite families on the planet. I had such a wonderful time when I met the whole family at the Arboretum last Fall to capture their family simply being together. I love these images because I felt that they truly captured what this family is about… genuine love for each other and a rare playfulness together. If one word could describe this beautiful family, it would be “delightful”. With their breathtakingly beautiful and kind daughters, they most assuredly are a very blessed family.

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Honoring the Hudson Family

Angela, the eldest daughter of the Hudson family, approached me about an idea she had for her mother’s birthday: an original portrait of all the Hudson children on canvas. The trick was that it had to be a surprise. I was tickled to collude with all the children for this unique gift for such a special woman. Brenda, the birthday girl, has 6 children (and one son-in-law), ranging in ages 5 to 27!  Angela and I collaborated to find the right color combination and composition. In time we found just the right image to last for generations.  The hardest part of the process was having to wait nearly TWO MONTHS before the family could unveil the gift on their mother’s birthday!  It looks so lovely hanging in their living room.

Aunt Millie’s Corn Dip Recipe

Brenda shared with me and my family an amazing corn dip recipe that we made this holiday season. I asked her permission to share it with you. Her Aunt Millie was raised in East Texas and died a little over a year ago. She never had children of her own, but loved the Hudsons as her own. She had quite a legacy that she left behind. I hope you and your family enjoy this recipe as you take a much needed rest after the holidays.

2 cans fiesta corn-drained
bunch of green onions chopped (about 6)
1 small can green chilies
2 cups shredded medium cheddar cheese
1 cup mayo
1 cup sour cream
salt and pepper to taste
(optional) chopped jalapeno pepper

Mix all together and put in the fridge overnight.

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The Schmidt Firm


I had the honor to take the portraits of some extremely nice lawyers at The Schmidt Firm in Uptown. These guys were so fun to work with. I am thinking if law does not work out for them, they may consider a career in modeling!




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Savannah & the New Backdrop

We have a new “girly” backdrop and I thought I would test it out on my free model. I hope I am not breaking any child labor laws. She did get a piece of leftover birthday cake for her time. She clearly does not work for free.






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Across Generations

I had the pleasure of taking the portraits of my husband’s father, Lloyd and stepmother, Peggy last week. Lloyd is 86 years young and Peggy is younger than that (I know better than to tell a lady’s age). Don’t they both look terrific? I told them it was a treat to photograph someone in the family who actually allowed me to take their portrait. Even our dog runs away now when I pick up a camera!






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Remembering Cailen


I had the opportunity to take the portrait of this beautiful baby, Cailen, at St. Paul Hospital this summer. This, of course, is the same hospital where our sweet Bella was born a year and half ago. Like Bella, Cailen’s life was very short. But it was a life filled with love from his family who surrounded him. He never knew anything but love. I wanted to share these pictures with you because he was so precious. There was so much joy and love in that room. It was an honor to be present. He lived for 3 days after these pictures were taken of him and his family.

Cailen’s mother and father, Siobhan and Rupesh are quite amazing folks. It has been a joy for our family to get to know them through this very difficult loss. If you are a photographer and would consider volunteering your time and talent to families in similar circumstances, check out the national website at www.NowILayMeDownToSleep.org or contact me at legacyportraiture@sbcglobal.net.






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Welcome to our new blogsite

IMG_0649_1Thanks for looking in on our new blogsite.  We’ll periodically post pictures of recent shoots and share anecdotes either about the subject or the shoot itself.  Hope to see you often!

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